Contribution policy

Community contributions are always welcomed and appreciated.

In most cases, it is best to ask first about making a contribution rather than spending valuable time on a contribution that might not be accepted. As a general rule, tests and documentation improvements are the preferred way to contribute. Bug fixes and new feature are best discussed as an issue first as they rarely get merged from outside contributors. That said, contributing great requirements, clear use cases, and reusable test cases goes a long way to get the fix or feature you want implemented.

When making any contribution, the submitted code, text, and all other materials are considered to be covered under the BSD 3-Clause license included with each module. Contributions are generally acknowledged only in the GitHub Contributors page and are referred to as Project Contributors in the license file. Do not make any contribution or open any issue if you do not agree to license all such materials under the BSD 3-Clause license.

Please keep in mind that hapi enforces a strict, consistent policy for all code and documentation across the entire organization. This means adding a section to a readme file often translates to dozen of updates to many other repositories. We often do things differently, which means a missing common badge or readme section is probably intentional. Please ask before submitting work that changes the organization consistent state.